mark  iyande
mark iyande
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Hello every one, i have to write this testimony because of people out there who also will like to join, because i am really happy to be member of Illuminati cult society today, i have been searching for the right hand to join this cult of Illuminati i finally got this nice lady called Miss. Abike Jagaban also a who help me in joining even when i was asked to buy all the items my self which i did for the initiation. though it cost me some money, but every thing went out successfully, and an instant sum of 1,000.000 US dollars was given to me with a free home of my choice in CALIFORNIA USA. And also, power, influence, good position fame including 3,000, dollars monthly as a salary for me. If you are interested contact this EMAIL>ABIKEJAGABAN@GMAIL.COM MISS. ABIKE will help you out she is the DIVINE LADY OF ILLUMINATI SO IF YOU WANT OR WISH TO BE RICH, CALL OR WHATSAPP : MISS. ABIKE ON +2347033089148 ........ 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