What percentage of your salary do you save monthly?

Samod Biobaku
Samod Biobaku
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Being able to save is extremely important but statistics have shown that not many are able to save half of their salaries monthly. Are you one of those who are still able to save? What percentage of your salary do you save monthly?


  • Hafiz Adewuyi
    Hafiz Adewuyi
    I save more than fifty percent of my salary monthly. How? My living costs are very low, mainly because I do not pay rent. I also process every of my expense items quite consciously. One very important tip in saving though is to "Save, then spend", not spend and save the spill-over. When you follow this tip, the mere fact that it's harder to access money put apart as savings will help you in meeting your savings targets.
  • Samod Biobaku
    Samod Biobaku
    Very wise move there @"Hafiz Adewuyi" i like the part where you mentioned saving first and then spending from what is left. I believe it is important for us all to understand that not our entire income should be considered disposable income. It is very important to save. You are very lucky not to be paying rent though. I bet this is why you are able to save that much of your salary. I also assume that you are single.
  • sunday matthew
    sunday matthew
    salary general is far and relatively poor compare to standard of living,as for me my salary is not enough not to talk of saving i do not have any savings for my salary.
  • Chidinma Ofong
    Chidinma Ofong
    My dear Sunday, no me small thing...God will help us !
    am an intern i save 30% of 5k dat all
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