Would you rather work from home or stick with the office if your boss asked you to decide?

Samod Biobaku
Samod Biobaku
Imagine for a moment that your boss summoned you for a meeting and asked you to pick between working from home or resuming at the office, which would you go for?


  • Adeleke Olawale
    Adeleke Olawale
    Would really love to work from home because I will be relaxed but as long as power supply is still erratic, it is a NO
  • Samod Biobaku
    Samod Biobaku
    @"Adeleke Olawale" Power supply definitely plays a very crucial role in this. If we had a steady supply, it could be fun but given the brutal reality that we have had to contend with over the years, even 'trying' to get work done at home could easily tow the path of an exercise within the halls of frustration and futility.
  • Emmanuel Eyiyere
    Emmanuel Eyiyere
    For me, it's not about the power supply. What may you recommend to work from home? I'd like to learn and start immediately.
  • Samod Biobaku
    Samod Biobaku
    Helo @"Emmanuel Eyiyere" - Below are some business ideas you could look into: Transport Business Starting a nursery and Primary School Sales of Building Materials Poultry Farming Cassava Production Rice Farming In Nigeria Making of Fruit Juice Pure Water Production Starting a restaurant Hotel Business Haulage Services Recharge Card Printing Investing in Property Importation of Tokunbo Spare Parts Cassava Production Snail Rearing in Nigeria Furniture Business in Nigeria Importing Clothes, Shoes, Books Event planning business Cake baking and decoration business Cultivating vegetables Paint production Liquid soap production business Custard making Sales and repair of PC and its accessories Cooking Gas Sales Cleaning Service Pet Breeding Bulk SMS Service Waste Management Service Ice Cream Production Becoming an Event DJ Becoming an SEO Consultant Fashion Styling Fashion Designer House Painting Car Rental Service Video Game Arena 49 Becoming a Make Up Artiste
  • Hafiz Adewuyi
    Hafiz Adewuyi
    edited May 2016
    I've tried working from home. I'm often quite unproductive, given how easy it is for me to visit my bed for a nap at the slightest yawn. The ideal scenario for me is an office which: - is very close to where I live and - gives me an enclosed working space, where unnecessary interruption from colleagues is minimal
  • Samod Biobaku
    Samod Biobaku
    Many hold this same opinion of yours @"Hafiz Adewuyi" - They have explained that they find the home too comfortable adding that the office space comes with a more formal feel and allows for more work to be done. Thanks for stopping by. We'll be expecting to read from you again soon.
  • Jobs marie
    Jobs marie
    i would love to work from home. It will save my travelling time and physical stress can be overcome and also will feel relaxed to work from home. i always encourage such telecommuting jobs. Regards Marie hrcube.com
  • Omolewa Soneye
    Omolewa Soneye
    I can actually work from home if I have the necessary things. For example, if there is light, I can work from home. On the other way round that if there is no light, I wouldn't want to use my I pass my neighbour. To me, I don't really like the idea of working from home.
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