What do you like about your workplace?

olansile ajibola
olansile ajibola
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Everyone of us has that unique thing he likes about his/her workplace, this unique thing could be something material (like free food, free transport, etc) and sometimes abstract, such that it could be more valuable to the person than his Salary B) .

As for me, the unique thing I like about my workplace is the fact that I work with a lot of smart, young and intelligent people. This to me is one of the greatest perks any employee can be can have as it affords you the opportunity to learn a lot from others.

I would like us to share that one thing we all enjoy about our workplaces be it material or abstract.


  • Gbadebo Oyelakin
    Gbadebo Oyelakin
    For me, the thing I love most about my workplace are the people. They are without question among the smartest, brightest and most fun people.
    I just love the people i work with, most of all is sweet working with your kind of person.
  • Adedayo Adebayo
    Adedayo Adebayo
    Well,I like the fact that I learn new skills almost everyday.
  • Samod Biobaku
    Samod Biobaku
    I love the individuals I work with, the culture of the organisation and the atmosphere at work. It's beautiful working with people who constantly strike a balance between work and play.
  • Isievwore Lawrence
    Isievwore Lawrence
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  • Joseph Anawo
    Joseph Anawo
    i like working with intelligence people
  • Adenike Ajayi
    Adenike Ajayi
    i like to work in a telecommunication company or as an administrative officer of a company.
  • Daniel  Ogoro
    Daniel Ogoro
    an environment where everybody is happy doing there job without envy and strife. biometric attendance handyman. for all type of clocking machine please do contact me for installation and servicing.
  • buchi de final touch
    buchi de final touch
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  • Peter  Oyegoke
    Peter Oyegoke
    I love the fact that I get to learn new things everyday. Overcome challenges with a group of smart and intelligent people. Also the fact that I actually have time..
  • peter onuorah
    peter onuorah
    na person wey get work go answer this qtion oh
    I love the fact that i am a contract staff, i have time,i meet new people everyday,new broadcasting equipments and after we are done with setting up your t.v / fm station, training the staffs on how to use the equipments is kind of fun....... At least i now travel to different towns and city in Nigeria without spending on transport and accommodation. The client takes care of everything.
  • obarius4real@yahoo.com Olai
    obarius4real@yahoo.com Olai
    I love meeting true friends and not stubborn one I love company that can pay regularly and can give me accommodation or transportation
  • obarius4real@yahoo.com Olai
    obarius4real@yahoo.com Olai
    I do different kind of jobs like maintenance, farming, cleaner, mechanical assistant and painting
  • Abbey Adewale
    Abbey Adewale
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