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    Job vacancies in my company, interested applicants should pls send their CVs to
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  • January 26
    Quiero o cómo unirme a los Illuminati WhatsApp +14126504729

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    Apply for the on going free sponsorship program Abroad by ROBERT ALLEN company.The company is sponsoring individuals between the age of 17 to 45(male) and 17 to 48(female) to this listed countries>>> CANADA,AUSTRALIA,UK,KUWAIT,DUBAI,ITALY,JAPAN,USA,THAILAND,MALAYSIA AND QATAR.NOTE:The sponsorship program is a job contract program between an interested individual and the company for duration of five years. The company is to sponsor you to any of the above countries on the fact that 20% of your salary will be deduct for a period of one year and six months while working to cover up the initial expenses for VISA and TICKET. Any interested individual is expected to have at list primary six leaving available are as follows .>>>>SECURITY GUARD,WAITER,STORE KEEPERS,FACTORY WORKERS,DRIVERS,NANI,MID WIFE,CLEANERS AND HOUSE KEEPERS.Application fee is #7,500,you are to pay to the company bank ACT. Any interested person is to contact Mr Jude nmorka on 09081078917 or WhatsApp

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